Innovation in Hot Water

Sun Flux is a revolutionary way to save on your power bill. Click here to see how it works;


In this case study, the power usage of a standard electric hot water tank was tracked for 30 days, using a professional eguage power monitoring system.
Total power usage over 30 days was 262.45 kWh

The Sun Flux system and 4 solar panels were then installed into the existing electric hot water tank, and then tracked for a further 30 days.
Total power usage with Sun Flux installed over 30 days was  15.23 kWh


Sun Flux was able to immediately reduce the total power consumption of an existing electric hot water system by 94%,
equating to a total saving of $90 for the month. 

Saving an estimated $270 off the customers quarterly power bill, or $1080 Per Year!

Note: When your Sun Flux is configured to “automatic grid backup”, supplementary grid power can be used to increase performance if needed (as illustrated in the case study).
Sun Flux can also be configured to “solar only” mode for complete off grid operation.  

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