Our Service Partners

Local and Professional Experts

We access a wide range of knowledge and experience to assess your requirements and design the best energy system for your needs.

Where possible, we use experienced local contractors for technical engineering and electrical work across the Territory.

We utilise professional software to model your energy system and provide informed advice.

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Preferred Suppliers

We use a range of locally-based contractors to carry out our electrical work to ensure we get the best outcomes for our clients.

SolarCity NT

Experienced and local solar energy specialists in Darwin and remote regions

Eco Tech Electrical

Quality solar installations and electric work in the greater Darwin region and beyond

Eco Smart Electrical NT

Prompt, transparent and reliable service in the Top End

SolarCity NT is owned and operated by Neill Carberry, who has extensive experience in the electrical, air conditioning and solar industry. Neill opened SolarCity NT in 2017 to specialise in supply and installation of Solar energy systems and maintenance services.

Solar City NT provides the Territory with high-quality, professional solar energy panel installations. They have been involved in projects ranging from large commercial contracts to residential work.

The business significantly advanced when SolarCity was contracted for what was, at the time, the biggest solar installation in Australia:

“A company in Victoria recognised the professionalism of our NT business and engaged the team on one of their most challenging, yet rewarding jobs. The experience gained through working on this extensive project has proven invaluable.”

SolarCity NT is now one of the most experienced local Solar Energy providers in the Northern Territory. Recent projects include a 100 kWh installation for Palmerston Library and a 250 kWh system at Adina Apartment Hotel in Darwin Waterfront. SolarCity also designed and constructed “Solaris” solar-powered, on- or off-grid, modular units for rural and remote locations requiring stand-alone housing or office space.

Eco Tech Electrical is a dynamic local company experienced in electrical work and various types of solar installations.

Eco Tech Electrical installers have experience working on properties all over Darwin, including remote work and many of NT’s largest rooftop solar projects.

“With a strong emphasis on customer service and support, you deal directly with the guys doing your install. No hassles, we listen, are flexible and cater to your needs.”

Eco Smart Electrical NT has over 19 years of industry experience in the NT, and provides electrical services to the city, rural and remote areas.

Eco Smart Electrical NT offers guaranteed workmanship and experience in all aspects of electrical maintenance, including installations, repairs and upgrades.

“At Eco Smart Electrical NT, we thrive on challenges and aim to deliver the most positive outcome for all our clients. Whether it’s a small or large electrical project, you can rely on our efficient team of electricians to oversee your project from start to finish and get the job done right the first time.”

TDC Refrigeration and Electrical

Our Alice Springs expert in refrigeration, electrical and solar

Delta Electrics

Well-established NT business supplying power products and services since 1969

Katherine Solar

Our Katherine expert in on- and off-grid solar systems

TDC Refrigeration and Electrical is a family-owned and run business located in Alice Springs that provides quality refrigeration, electrical and solar services.

TDC Refrigeration and Electrical are a member of the Clean Energy Council, and maintain a commendable reputation for expert local advice, quality installations and after-service care.

“We understand our customers and deliver ideal solutions and offer a 24 hr / 7 days a week comprehensive breakdown service.”

Delta Electrics was established in 1969, servicing the Darwin region with power solutions, including supply, installation and maintenance of power systems.

Delta Electrics prioritises health and safety in the workplace, and has provided services to some of the NT’s largest organisations in a range of industries, including mining, agriculture, defence and telecommunications.

“Our people are the basis of our success. [We value] Going the extra mile to deliver solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers.”

Katherine Solar have been providing solar services for over a decade. Run by locals for locals, they offer both quality workmanship and customer relations.

KS Renewables offer grid connected systems, off-grid systems, and solar pumps, bores and irrigation.

“THE DIFFERENCE IS: We are local, we are quality, we are here to stay.”

Ogden Power

Rede and Renee Ogden have a passion for solar power in Alice Springs

Dexter Barnes Electrical

Electrical services based in Tennant Creek

Dexter Barnes Electrical is a Tennant Creek based electrical services company.

Ogden Power began offering solar services in Alice in 2006, where they later grew to be part of some of the largest solar projects in the Territory.

They have a number of award-winning solar projects, and boast the innovative Desert Knowledge Aus Solar Centre research and demonstration system in their list of accomplishments.

“We look forward to meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing industry and working with our customers and business partners to deliver quality solar solutions for whatever energy requirements you have.”

Engineering Support

We are pleased to be able to draw on the expertise of a wide range of professionals skilled in engineering support, both local and interstate.

Grant Chorvat – Electrical Engineering Expert

Grant is an authority figure and a heavy hitter in the energy industry. He has a broad and deep understanding of power generation, energy technologies, and hybrid electricity grids, and is a supporter of renewable energy penetration in the energy sector.

With an assortment of technical positions at some of the highest levels of the energy industry, recently Grant has held the roles of Chief of Operations and General Manager of Assets and Operations at T-Gen, and Manager of Assets and Infrastructure at Tamar Valley power station and Bass Strait Islands hydro. He regularly calls on his experiences obtained in steel and Al production, research & development, and IT in his roles as an energy guru. Grant holds a BEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from UOW Australia, and his Electricians Licence (NSW) with a qualified supervisor certificate.

Alan Langworthy – Early Adopter of Smart Energy Solutions

Alan is an experienced managing director, technology boffin and scientist with a demonstrated history working in the renewable energy and environment industry. Skilled in operations management, power generation, wind energy, and smart grids, Alan is a revered fixture of the sustainable energy sphere. His company, PowerCorp, invented groundbreaking grid-stabilising technology, which is deployed globally to remote regions using renewable energy.

Alan was recently appointed as Chair of the Expert Panel for the 2017 NT Roadmap to Renewables committee. He holds a BSc (Hons) from UNSW Australia, and is a keen rock hound.

Ewan Parsons – Innovator and Experienced Smart Energy Engineer

Ewan is a controls system innovator with post-graduate qualifications in electronics and energy systems. With a number of communication and automation patents to his name, Ewan is applying all his skills to providing technology for customers to automatically respond to electrical constraints caused by the rapid growth of air-conditioners.

Ewan has a passion for Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), Two-way Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen, and many other innovative ideas. He started his career as a Graduate Electrical Engineer at Stokes Hill Power Station in the 70’s.

Peter Cockburn – Solar Designer / Installer On-Grid / Grid Hybrid / Off-Grid

Peter has an Associate Diploma in Electronic Engineering, and is an accredited designer and installer of Photo-Voltaic (PV) Grid Connected & Solar Power Systems (SPS). He holds an Electrical Worker & Contractor’s Licence in both the NT and in SA. He is the Australian Standards Representative Defence Contractor on the Energy Storage Council (ESC), and is a CEC Accredited Installer.

Peter is Director of Navitus Solar, who specialise in complex solar solutions. With 25 years of experience in the telecommunications, electrical and defence industry, Peter is passionate about his work in the solar PV and battery storage sector. His recent work with the Energy Storage Council (ESC) on the Standards Australia committee helped develop the new Battery Storage Standard.

Leo Rojas – Solar Energy Electronics Engineer – Product Developer

Leo Rojas is an electronics and software developer engineer with a passion for computer science, solar engineering and embedded systems technology.

Leo has worked in electronics and software design and manufacturing for more than 10 years. He has specialised in research and development of zero-export devices, electrical load control and network protection relays for the last 8 years.