SUNMAN – eArche Solar Panels

Founded by a team of industry veterans, SunMan seeks to rethink the generation of solar power by utilizing materials and technologies that are unprecedented in the marketplace. Mentored by pioneering Solar technologist and entrepreneur Shi Zhengrong, the SunMan team is committed to making Solar power accessible to all through innovative yet affordable products.

With the debut of its groundbreaking product -eArche, SunMan will help societies around the world make meaningful strides towards a green and sustainable future.

We follow the values of Innovation, Green and Sustainability.

eArche – The World’s first FLAT Solar Panel:

  • Flexible
  • Light
  • Aesthetic
  • Thin

eArche is a super flexible and ultra-thin solar panel that can be stretched along any exterior. Its applications include but are not limited to buildings facades, automobile mobile roofs and mobile power station. The product is made with composite material and 70% lighter than conventional solar panels, making it far less costly to transport and install.

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