Commonly Asked Questions – Residential

Do I need a battery as well with my solar rooftop system?

As at the time of writing, (Early 2019) in the NT the Government currently supports a one to one feed-in tariff. This means that if you maintain your grid connection after you install solar, any excess solar power generated is sold to the grid for which you get a credit on your bill. If, on the other hand, your system does not generate sufficient power at any time during the day and this requires to draw power from the grid, you will be charged exactly the same rate you received for your exported power excess. This also means that is essential that you buy a system to suit your needs so that you utilize as much of your own generated power to reduce bills as much as possible and this is a priority design requirement.

How do you know what type of system I need?

The easiest way to assess this is for you to provide copies of 2 or 3 power bills to us so we can identify your approximate usage and thus your energy needs. A more sophisticated estimate is possible with the installation of a monitoring system prior to installing solar to more accurately asses your usage patterns. You can elect to keep this in place once a solar system is purchased for no additional cost. If you decide to not proceed with installation there is a fee if you wish to retain monitoring. Please see the Products section from the menu above for more details. You can also elect to return the monitoring equipment to us however there will be labour charge associated with install/uninstall time required.

I have seen Solar PV systems mentioned. What does PV stand for?

PV simply represents initials for a Solar Photo Voltaic system and represents the vast majority of rooftop solar systems installed on residences Australia wide.

What size system do I need?

In the NT, 4.5 (old) 5kw to 6.6kw (single phase) are the common installation sizes for residences. For very large premises 7kw to 9.1 kw (3 phase) power systems are available. Generally larger systems have a reduced upfront per KwH cost and should be considered at the start should you warrant it. These will also maximize your self-reliance without needing to pay for power from the grid.

Is it worth shopping around?

By all means! Great Power Solutions will work to seek alternative quotes to improve your research results even including any independent quotes you may have received from elsewhere. Our aim is to ensure you get the greatest possible advantage and customer satisfaction from your decision to install Solar backed up by Local Certified and experienced personnel and using quality components. We act 100% on your side to ensure you avoid the traps of inferior quality, shoddy workmanship and companies unable to service your system if needed, due to being located interstate.

What about finance?

There are a variety of ways to finance the purchase of a solar system. Contact Us to explore your options. We can assist you with navigating the paperwork required should you choose to utilize our installer/supplier network. We make it easier for you.

I’m still researching

No problem! We encourage all purchasers to research as much as possible so they are clear on their requirements and expectations from whichever Solar system they ultimately proceed with.

More Questions?

Contact Us or call 0419 906 524 and we will do our best to assist you. This service is free.