Our Services

Who Are We?

Great Power Solutions is a Smart Energy Consultant and Buyer’s Agent. We offer clients, be it residential or large-scale commercial, help with all their energy system needs.

We endorse and promote energy sustainability, and are committed to helping individuals and organisations reduce their costs and their carbon footprint. We offer a professional and tailored service that can provide improved energy efficiency, monitoring, and system management, and energy behaviour education.

Whether you’re an individual, a household, a small or large commercial business, or a government or non-profit organisation, you can benefit from adopting smart energy practices.

Client Guides

Residential Clients

We are an impartial consultancy and broker who have access to a large network of local Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified installers and a number of quality system suppliers. We can help with all aspects of your energy system needs, including:

  • Assessment of energy efficiency and management
  • Assessment of potential energy (solar PV) production
  • Solar system financing
  • Impartial assessment of external solar system quotes
  • Recommendations for trusted local suppliers

We make it easy for you to make informed decisions. For further information, see our client guide on Residential Solar. Please contact us to start your solar journey today.

Commercial Clients

We offer a range of beneficial services to commercial clients in the Territory. We specialise in the unique conditions faced by energy systems in the NT; this includes advising clients located in remote and regional areas.

We can help:

  • Assess your energy efficiency and manage consumption
  • Identify causes of high or unwarranted consumption
  • Achieve immediate and ongoing energy savings
  • Assess your business’s suitability for solar energy systems
  • Inform your energy system investment decisions
  • Oversee the solar design and tender process
  • Project manage solar system installation
  • Provide ongoing energy system monitoring and support
  • Offer energy behaviour education at the individual and organisational scale

This service is tailored to your needs, so please see our Commercial Client Guide and contact us for further information or for a no-obligation quote.

Government and Non-Profit Organisations

We specialise in helping NT clients set sustainability goals and develop an energy action plan to reach and maintain those goals.

We have demonstrated experience assisting NT Government, commercial, and non-profit clients with smart energy strategies, including managing consumption and investing in renewable energy.

We can help you create an energy action plan to:

  • Assess your energy efficiency consumption
  • Set your energy sustainability goals
  • Develop an energy action plan
  • Adopt smart energy practices
  • Achieve immediate and long-term savings
  • Make informed investment decisions
  • Implement solar energy
  • Embrace sustainable energy education at the individual and organisational level
  • Provide ongoing support for your energy action plan

This service is tailored to the needs of your organisation. For an initial overview of the process, see our client guide for Government and Non-Profit Organisations. Please contact us for further information.