Rooftop solar breaking records and bucking the market trend in 2020 (so far)

A global pandemic and market declines haven’t slowed down small-scale solar registrations yet, with a record high month for February 2020

Small-scale solar PV installations (0–100 kW) across Australia have recorded the highest-ever increase in registration in February, reports One Step Off The Grid, citing data from SunWiz.

Residential rooftop solar installations have shown “exponential growth” according to SunWiz, having grown by 34% compared to the same time last year. Small-scale commercial solar registrations also grew.

This is in stark contrast with large-scale systems, which declined within the same period, at least partly due to connection delays and congestion for large-scale solar projects.

One Step Off the Grid report that the supply of solar PV panels to Australia may be in jeopardy in the near future, with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down manufacturing plants in China for several months.