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Commercial Client Guide

We are passionate about energy sustainability

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We want to help NT businesses make a difference

We are advocates for energy sustainability, and are committed to helping NT businesses of all sizes reduce their costs and their carbon footprint.

We help commercial clients across the Territory, delivering a professional and tailored service to:

  • Assess energy supply
  • Examine your energy consumption history
  • Set energy sustainability goals
  • Significantly increase energy efficiency
  • Achieve immediate- and long-term energy savings
  • Adopt and maintain smart energy practices
  • Streamline administration and approvals
  • Reach the goal of being “solar ready”
  • Make informed investment decisions
  • Obtain solar system finance

We will help you develop an energy action plan and achieve your energy sustainability goals.

We work with commercial clients to create an energy action plan based on a holistic overview of your energy system usage and requirements.

We tailor our services to your company’s needs and budget, providing a unique and comprehensive overhaul of your energy system.

Our services

We help NT clients make a difference by helping them to embrace energy sustainability and develop an energy action plan.

We base our recommendations on an assessment of the complete energy system, including production, usage and management.

Customising Your Energy Action Plan

Example overview of an Energy Action Plan

Energy Assessment

We aim to make it easy for our commercial clients to make a difference and implement smart energy practices promptly. This starts with holistic assessment of energy supply, consumption and production.

We use technical data and make it accessible to our clients

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  • Installation of monitoring equipment to measure your energy supply and usage accurately
  • Review of your energy use history from utilities bills and from 12-month operational data obtained from your electricity provider
  • Analysis of internal and external factors that affect energy use
  • Identification of areas of high or undue energy consumption
  • Appraisal of smart energy technology options
  • Assessment for the potential of renewable energy integration
  • Evaluation of finance options

Energy Management

We believe in change. We help you implement energy efficiency solutions, and make recommendations on energy management.

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We provide you with identifiable and verifiable results. Your energy plan may include:

  • “Behind the meter” energy supply regulation recommendations and implementation:
    • Power Factor (PF) correction
    • Voltage monitoring and management
    • Phase balance
  • Energy consumption recommendations:
    • Identify and minimise energy wastage
    • Optimise your energy usage, taking into account the organisation’s needs
    • Lighting efficiency management or technology
    • Cooling and heating efficiency management or technology
    • Smart energy implementation
    • Better system programming
  • Energy behaviour education:
    • Promote energy sustainability education at the organisation and individual level
    • Introduce smart energy practices
    • Energy sustainability information for staff and/or clients

Renewable Energy

We will work with you to create your energy action plan. This may include evaluating energy production, in the form of solar energy installation.

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We access a wide range of knowledge and experience to assess your requirements and design the best solar system for your needs.

Where possible, we use experienced NT contractors for technical engineering and electrical work. See our list of experts we can call on here.

Quality and value are important to us, and we prioritise your organisation’s needs above all else.

We are able to:

  • Assess your energy system’s suitability for solar generation
  • Design a solar PV system tailored to your energy system needs, including options for:
    • Solar energy production
    • Uninterruptible energy supply
    • Energy storage
  • Help you make informed and considered investment options
  • Notify you of solar system finance options
  • Seek quality, local suppliers and installers
  • Undertake a full tender and evaluation process on your behalf
  • Project manage installation of your solar system

Ongoing Support

We’re here to help you to achieve and maintain your energy sustainability goals.

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Your tailored services could include:

  • Regular energy production and consumption report
  • Recommendations to meet your energy sustainability goals
  • Support for ongoing smart energy practices
  • Reinforcement of energy behaviour changes
  • Up-to-date information on technologies and energy management options
  • Flexible annual staff training to provide updates or induct new staff

Energy Assessment Service Pricing

We are your energy efficiency specialists

We would love to work with you and put together an Energy Action Plan to help you embrace energy sustainability. This can be part of, or additional to, our Energy Assessment services. Please contact us to discuss options.

We have have 3 levels of Energy Assessments, depending on the size and needs of your business:

  • Assessment Level 1 is an entry-level assessment investigating cost-effective energy solutions:
    • We provide a basic assessment of the overall energy consumption of a site
    • We benchmark the energy consumption as reasonable or excessive, and report preliminary observations and recommended actions
    • This report provides initial recommendations and a cursory outline of potential savings and costs (accuracy of ±40%).

To complete a L1 assessment, we obtain power bills and basic site information, and conduct a desktop-based investigation. We provide energy system recommendations and indicative costs.

This service is $250 (plus GST). NB: commercial clients based in the NT may be eligible to receive this assessment for free; please contact us!

  • Assessment Level 2 provides a more detailed assessment of your pattern of energy usage based on utility bills and 12-month data obtained from your electricity supplier:
    • We provide a more detailed energy-saving and costing analysis, with descriptions of relevant energy-efficient technology
    • We identify the sources of energy for a site, the amount of energy supplied, and what the energy is used for, via tracking and some monitoring
    • We also identifies areas where savings may be made, recommends measures to be taken, and provides a statement of costs and potential savings. This energy assessment provides a report of costs and savings at an accuracy of ±20%.

To complete a L2 assessment, we obtain power bills, 12-month interval data, and conduct a site inspection. We provide a detailed report on our findings and recommendations, and outline costs and savings.

This service is $1500 (plus GST). An additional travel cost may be applicable if the site is located more than 100 km from Darwin.

  • Assessment Level 3 provides a comprehensive analysis of energy supply, consumption, and generation potential:
    • We incorporate permanent tracking and monitoring to obtain real-time supply and consumption data
    • This assessment may cover the whole site or focus on an individual operational area.
    • Our report(s) will detail comprehensive findings and recommendations
    • We will undertake a complete economic analysis, at a high level of accuracy to justify capital investment, if recommended (This assessment provides a firm estimate of costs and savings, at an accuracy of ±10%).

To complete a L3 assessment, we obtain power bills, 12-month interval data, install monitoring equipment, and conduct site inspection(s). This assessment may also include additional services, such as solar generation modelling or appraisal of energy storage. We provide a detailed report on our findings and recommendations, and a full economic analysis of costs and savings.

Price for this service varies, depending on your needs, size and configuration of the premises, and existing electrical equipment. Please contact us for a quote.