Sustainability Education Project

We are committed to Change

We believe that change begins with education

Cooperation is vital to achieve change for good.

We’ve partnered with the Solar Schools and Planet Watch program to deliver sustainability education to NT schools.

The Solar Schools education program:

  • Engages and empowers students to strive for sustainability from primary through to secondary school
  • Uses an interactive and digital hands-on approach to encourage students
  • Embraces science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) learning in the classroom and beyond

This innovative program is designed by experts in the Australian Curriculum and in sustainability, and offers a comprehensive suite of teaching resources, digital tools, and complementary educational apps.

Content is tailored for each year level, and includes detailed and complete unit plans, lesson plans, student activities, and extended learning material, which cover a range of defined learning objectives.

Check out the Solar Schools website to start your school’s journey to sustainability education. Over 1 400 schools have started their journey in Australia alone! Is your school on the list?

Reach for the stars with Solar Schools!

See what’s possible when we join forces to make a difference in this video produced by Year 4 students.

Start your journey to energy sustainability and a lower carbon footprint today.

Together, we can make a difference!

The Solar Schools Package

Solar Schools integrates real energy usage and production data from monitoring technology, involving students in their educational experiences using energy data from their own school. This practical approach to teaching includes support for teachers, making it easy to guide students through curriculum-aligned material.

See the range of material available to teachers here.

What’s on offer for your school?

  • School Portal
  • Extensive Teacher Toolkit
  • Knowledge Bank
  • Planet Watch App
  • Demand Management App
  • Additional Digital Tools
  • Power Widget for Website
  • LED In-School Energy Display
  • Weather Station Tie-in (feature under construction)

See which schools have already joined Solar Schools, and visit the school Portal here.

Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank tool allows students to learn how to research, and fosters self-directed learning. The encyclopedic-like content includes handy diagrams, engaging videos, and a plethora of interesting facts. Around-the-clock digital access complements learning both in the classroom and at home, and helps answer those fascinating “why” questions.

Planet Watch App

Access to this innovative app comes included with the Solar Schools program, allowing students to enter an action-packed realm of imagination, problem-solving and energy action. Planet Watch combines user interaction with educational content to bring digital technology into the classroom and home. The app is engaging and exciting, and helps add fun and immersion to learning about the benefits of energy sustainability.

Your school is a planet under threat! Only you and your friends can save it from destruction.

Monitor the health of your planet using real data coming from your school. Join forces as a team and protect your school by reducing your energy impact… The energy decisions you make at home can be seen from outer space!

Watch your planet terraform from a dark and dreary energy sink to a bright, green and peaceful haven with the help of your peers.

Visit other planets across the galaxy and see how they stack up.

Work together as a team, and your school can save your planet and turn it into one of the brightest beacons of energy efficiency in the galaxy!