Energy Savings Grants & 100% tax deductibility to June 2021 make energy efficiency a no brainer

Today’s announcement that the 100% tax deductibility for SMEs is extended until June 30 2021 is good news for businesses who are wanting to reduce their power costs permanently to make them leaner for the future.

This move combined with the Smarter Business Solutions Grants for energy efficiency and green energy finance means businesses can reduce their overheads without spending their capital reserves.

There are a wide range of opportunities and technologies that can be used to reduce your costs. The first step is to understand how you are using your power so you can make informed decisions. There is a range of monitoring options we offer depending on the size of the business starting from $1500 including an initial assessment. This monitoring also qualifies for the Smart Business Solutions grant with a 50% contribution up to $10,000.

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