SR Portables Cleo (416Wh)

Portable lithium solar generator

  • 416Wh Storage Capacity
  • 300W Output
  • 120W Solar Input
  • Australian Made

This sleek & compact all-in-one product comes with an in-built Inverter, MPPT PV charger, Li-Ion battery pack, LED lamp & LED torch, ensuring hassle-fee reliable power anywhere, anytime.

Cleo is an ideal power partner for outdoor expeditions like camping or travelling, as well as for charging high powered electrical appliances at home. With a battery standby of over 8hrs, it powers multiple small appliances like mobile phones, computers, TVs, lamps and more, especially during an unexpected blackout or power outage. These lightweight (6kgs) hand carry units provide power on-the-go and require zero installation and maintenance.

Cleo (416Wh)

Take the power with you!

Cleo (416Wh) 1

Safe, Stable & Durable

Safe, stable & durable – Emissions-free energy source and reliable battery management system makes it safe even for indoor use. Advanced circuit design warrants a safe and durable usage

Silent, Sleek & Portable – Compact, lightweight & noise-free lithium solar generator that can be easily hand carried anywhere

Lower cost and user friendly – Utilize free & green solar energy to generate your power

LCD capacity display – Make it easy to operate the product while advanced circuit design ensures safety and durability

Cleo (416Wh) 2

416Wh Storage Capacity

Compact Unit – An all-in-one product covers all your needs with an in-built Inverter, UPS, PV charger, and Li-Ion battery pack

Power – 400Wh storage with 300 watts pure sine wave output to power AC and DC appliances

Durable and Long Life – Aluminium Alloy makes it ideal for rugged and outdoor usage in extreme conditions

LED Torch – with three levels of brightness (High–Medium-Low)

Cleo (416Wh) 3

Ideal Power Partner

Convenient – Can be charged anywhere and anytime using a solar panel, adaptor (plug-in to the wall), car charger or external generator

Plug-n-play – Simple to use with zero installation and maintenance requirement and a long-life (up to 8 times longer)

Over 8hr Battery standby – ensures adequate power to charge your high-powered electronic essentials like a mobile, fan, lamp, refrigerator, TV, laptop, Wi-Fi and more

Multiple outputs –AC X 2, DC 5V X 4, DC 12V x 2, Type C X 1, 12V Cigarette lighter x 1

Time to charge – 4 to 6 hours with solar panels or power adaptor